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ceramic flooring

Empire Carpet Installation

Cleaning Your Empire Flooring - Ceramic

Recommended “To Do’s”

Clean your new Flooring with a damp mop once a week or more, depending on the amount of traffic. Heavy traffic areas should be mopped more often than once a week.

Use an all-purpose, non-oil based household or commercial cleaner. Ensure that the cleaner is compatible with the grout cleaner recommendations in the maintenance and protection section. You can also use a cleaning solution of one cup of white vinegar to two gallons of tap water.

Cleaning spills off of Porcelain & Ceramic Flooring is generally easier than other types of flooring. The entire area should be cleaned and scrubbed with a cleansing solution using a cotton mop, cloth, sponge or non-metallic brush. The entire area should then be rinsed with clean water to remove any residue left on the Flooring from the cleaning solution.

Sweep or vacuum your tile Empire Flooring prior to mopping to remove any dust or debris.

Recommended “Not To Do”

Use a detergent or soap because it may dull the surface and potentially promote the growth of mildew.

Other Care Instructions

Routine cleaners used on your Porcelain & Ceramic Flooring should never contain acids or ammonia because they can discolor the grout and/or damage the grout and the glazed surface of the Flooring.

You should allow your new Ceramic Flooring and grout to set and dry for at least 72 hours after installation before damp mopping it.